Small Boat Cruising Tips - Get Rid of Insects Aboard Your Small Sailboat

f you are anything like me, not many things can drive you as crazy as roaches, weevils, or spiders that have taken up residence in your small cruising boat cabin. Here are seven super tips to rid these unwelcome creatures from your humble abode once and for all!

Cruising guru Nigel Calder has some super ideas that can work on your small cruising or racing sailboat, no matter where you cruise. Put these seven tips into play today to keep unwelcome boat bugs at bay!

1. Keep Cardboard Topside

Load your boxed goods into the cockpit, but do not take them below. Roaches love to hide in between the cardboard panels, and you will soon be infested. Transfer goods to tight fitting plastic containers before you move them to the cabin. Take cardboard boxes ashore to the dumpster as soon as you're done.

2. Add Spice and Tinctures to Containers

Open each container and place a few bay leaves on top. Some cruisers also recommend that you add a cotton-ball or cotton-pad soaked in chloroform to containers. This keeps weevils away.

3. Poison With Boric Acid

Sprinkle powered boric acid (buy it over-the-counter in drug stores) anywhere you suspect roaches might travel. Concentrate in corners and dark areas where these critters like to hang out.

4. Freeze the Entire Family

Place insect favorites like grains and pasta in the freezer. This kills the adults and and eggs being carried by the female.

5. Make Flour "Brick-Hard"

Pack flour tight to the top of a strong, sealed container. Pound it to make it tight as a brick. This keeps weevils from burying deep down in the product. Even so, always strain flour through a fine-mesh strainer before you use it to catch any hidden bugs.

6. Float to the Top

Force the critters to the top of a pan or pot of water. This works well with pasta but not so well with rice products. Before you store rice, place a small piece of cloth on top, soaked in high % grain alcohol, to discourage infestation.

7. Seal Tight with Plastic

Transfer foods from paper boxes and bags into tight sealing containers. Smaller size dry foods can go into air-tight plastic bags. Zip the bag up most of the way, stick a straw in the remaining space, and suck out the air. This extends shelf life and preserves freshness.

These seven tips will keep your small boat cruising enjoyable without the aggravation of an insect infestation in the cabin. Use these prevention methods before you cast off for worry-free sailing wherever you choose to cruise.

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  1. fareastsails says:
    February 24, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    These are great tips to get rid insets in cruising sailboat. Thanks

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